Sunday service, Jun 4th

The service on Sunday 4.06. continued the weekend of music with our guests Carolin Schneider and Gjermund Frivold.

The brothers and sisters emphasized how much content and edification there is in our songs. The first song 337 expressed our attitude to listen to the Word together:

“How wonderful , great grace is,
That by the Word we have gathered together.
Younger generation or older generation
-The same goal, aspirations are also ours.”

Piotr Pilch read from Rom. 7;18-20 . We too, like Ap. Paul wanting to do good, see that evil clings to us. When we receive light into our lives, we want to move forward, but then “I find in myself a law that when I want to do good, evil clings to me” v.21.

Brother Piotr likened it to music, saying that one should practice a lot. One won’t play a beautiful symphony right away, but to be in this development, even though sometimes something goes wrong, to call for help and remove sin one by one, listening to the Spirit. So that there is no rasp in the orchestra when the Lord comes.

Brother Ruben Nooitgedagt read from John 14; 16-17 that God has given us the Spirit of truth to teach and guide us. He wants us to be like Him. We want to obey Him and be grateful for His light and help. It is important to remember in rehearsal that it is in my flesh that nothing good dwells, not to blame others.

We were also enriched by the playing of instruments and singing by our guests Carolin and Gjermund.

To conclude, a song by J.O.Smith was quoted:

“Let those who play and those who sing
And those who powerfully proclaim the Word to us,
Grow tall and be a support to us
That in all things we may be like the Master himself.”