The highest body of the Church is the Council of Apostles.

The executive body of the Church is the Church Council.

The organs of the Church are:

  • Council of Apostles
  • Church Council
  • Chairman of the Church

The organs of the church are:

  • General Assembly of the church
  • Council of the church
  • Chairman of the church

The church as a whole is represented by the Church Superior or another person authorized by the Church Council.

The Chairman of the Church acting jointly with the Secretary of the Church Council or the Treasurer of the Church Council, or any other authorized member of the Church Council, shall be authorized to acquire rights and incur liabilities on behalf of the Church as a whole.

The Church Council


Name and surname

Superior of the whole church 

Piotr Pilch

Superior of the local church 

Ruben Nooitgedagt


Leszek Czyż


Roman Szalbot


Jerzy Polok


Witold Czyż


Jerzy Wrzecionko