Youth service, Jun 16th

Friday’s youth meeting was held together with friends from England, unusually – at a barbecue.

Sitting by the lit bonfire we listened from Vern Nicolette, about the spiritual fire that needs different fuel. When we lead a victorious life we always have something to give and the fire does not go out!

Vern’s heart’s desire was that we understand the times we live in – the end times. Soon Jesus will come for his Bride, so he encouraged us to give ourselves wholeheartedly, to declare war on Satan and do everything to fulfill his calling!

We also heard about fire from Piotr Pilch, who spoke about three young men who lived in the time of Daniel. They carried within them the commandment not to bow down to foreign gods. They chose it to believe God and suffer. This commandment was so strong in them that they walked straight into the fire. There they met the Angel who saved them. Thanks to them, the whole country accepted God’s Laws.

Piotr encouraged us not to retreat when the fire comes, because only fire can burn up what is evil in me, only in fire is there fellowship and brotherhood.

We ended the meeting with the song 422:

“We want to watch, wait faithfully,
Act still on our way.
Soon, yes soon already Jesus will take
His saints from this earth”.

After the song, the young people continued to fellowship around a lit fire, talking, playing games and eating good food in anticipation of another fantastic day with friends from abroad.