Sunday service, March 3rd

Gal.3:1-5 “O unintelligent Galatians! Who has deceived you, you before whose eyes the image of Jesus Christ crucified has been painted? … 5. Does he who gives you the Spirit and performs miracles among you do so on the basis of the works of the law, or on the basis of hearing with faith?”

The Galatians heard and understood a lot, they were enthralled by the Word, but they did not work further on their salvation.

Brother Jerzy P. said that with these words to the Galatians, Paul admonishes us not to harden our hearts when God speaks to us. We have been given great things – to exercise piety and to follow the Spirit whose work we feel in our hearts. The goal is not to appear beautiful before people, but to exercise obedience of faith in the hidden life before God.

Brother Roman Sz. quoted words from Gal.4:1-5: …as long as the heir is a child he is no different from a slave, he is guarded by the law. We are called to grow, to become heirs, not to remain at the level of works of the law and satisfaction of conscience.

Brother Piotr P. read from Romans 7:1-3: “Do you not know, brethren, … that the law reigns over a man as long as he lives?”

Paul wanted to be pure at all costs, but he felt that as long as this old man (this first husband – v. 2) did not die, it would be impossible to purify himself more deeply. God helps all those who weep over themselves, do not look for fault in others but want to live in purity themselves. Such people Jesus wants to shape into His Bride.

In song 393 we sing about the Bride:

“Who is she who faithfully obeys
God’s laws and in love still abides?
Her gaze only turned to heaven
And longing draws her there.”

Sunday service, Jan 14th

WoL 222:Knock on each door that is sealed,Through which more glory’s revealed.God will come and He’ll open; go through!None can close what He’s opened for

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