Opening ceremony

The official opening ceremony of the new facility of the Active Christian Church in RP in Ustron took place on December 8, 2022. The ceremony began with the choir’s carol : “When the lovely maiden”. Then the guests were welcomed and the ceremony was led by the secretary of the Church, Leszek Czyż. Among those present were the Mayor of Ustroń, Mr. Przemysław Korcz, Chairman of the Ustroń City Council, Mr. Marcin Janik, President of the HMC Foundation from the Netherlands, Mr. David Nooitgedagt. Among the invited guests were the heads of local denominations, school representative, collaborators, neighbors, and many supporters of the Church.

At the beginning, a video of the construction period was screened. Afterwards, Mr. David Nooitgedagt took the floor and briefly introduced the activities of the two foundations, the main investors in the construction, encouraged people to visit their websites and follow the activities of the two foundations. He also congratulated the new facility, and as a thank you for their cooperation, he would like to see the facility taken care of and well used, and then the foundation’s goals will be fulfilled.

David Nooitgedagt also briefly introduced the activities of the BCC Church in the world, how it was established, the faith basis of its members, what it does.

After him, the Church’s supervisor, Piotr Pilch, took the floor. He briefly recounted the history of the establishment of the Church in Poland. The longing for a victorious life was satisfied by the preaching of brothers from Norway, who first came to the area in 1968. Church members have a deep desire for a victorious life, have good, warm fellowship among themselves, and are open to others. Peter Pilch encouraged people to live in the fear of God. He also assured of the possibility of using the church’s good facilities.

The mayor of Ustroń, Mr. P. Korcz mentioned the great diversity of the Cieszyn Land, seeing it as a gift. Diversity leads to conversation. With community and mutual understanding we can build the future of our community. He also believes that the money raised was put to good use in building the facility.

The first part of the ceremony ended with a symbolic ribbon-cutting by the Lord Mayor, commemorative photos, the carol “Marry, did you know” performed by the choir and refreshments in the foyer.

The second part was a Christmas concert – carols, Christmas songs, musical pieces performed by soloists, the children’s choir, instrumentalists, or the entire choir – all of which put the audience in a beautiful, heartfelt Christmas mood. Both during the intermission and after the concert, the guests spent long moments chatting together with members of the church, giving evidence of their favorable attitude and friendliness.