Christmas meeting

On December 9, 2022, we held a Christmas meeting dedicated to married couples and those over 35 years of age.

The celebration was held in the hall of our festively decorated church facility, so that the very entrance made a great impression on us. The festive atmosphere was enhanced by atmospheric Christmas music performed by our talented church artists.

We were happy to sit at the Christmas tables together with friends we love! Young waiters served a delicious dinner and sweet desserts.

Food for our spirit was taken care of by the brothers, our spiritual fathers, who reminded us of the solemnity of Jesus’ birth, His life and what it means for us. It is to us that God has revealed through Jesus and his spirit the Way and the Life. This is our participation now in the circumstances of life in which we find ourselves. This is where our salvation from iniquity and the fulfillment of the Father’s will takes place. We know what we are thankful for and why we look forward to Christmas.

The speech of the spirit put us in a mood of joy and emotion, which was highlighted by artistically performed Christmas carols and songs from Ania, Ula, Oskar and Luke and the choir.

What a great gift it is to experience Christmas together, to remind each other of Jesus’ birthday, to wish each other “Merry Christmas,” to enjoy the gifts, the pleasant home atmosphere, the festive decorations….