Sunday service, Nov 27th

Brother Dawid Pilch began with an important exhortation from Ez 22:30: “I looked for a man among them who would be able to build a wall and stand in the breach before me, interceding for the country so that I would not destroy it, but I did not find one.”
An important task for each of us is to build a wall of prayers. Let’s build a wall that will protect us from the contamination, impurity, and selfishness common in this world.
Brother Witold Czyż noted that there are many needs, many areas where one can stand in the breach. We have work with children and youth, there is cleaning, various technical matters, and so on. When I feel that I could fill such a gap or support someone in ministry, I can’t cast that voice away. Get involved for the sake of the church and your neighbors, even though it often involves sacrifice. By sacrificing for others you draw God’s blessing on yourself.

Excerpt from DP 284:
Glorious call, glorious call!
Freedom from sin, yes, free from it all!
If every law of life you will do—
Sent from the God of all wisdom to you—
Then you will truly be free!