Meeting for children

In connection with the end of summer vacation, a special day for children was organized on August 29.

That Sunday it was the children who occupied the first rows in our new hall. They heard about Jesus, who loves children and cheers them on, and records all the good deeds that they do. The Sunday school teachers encouraged them to serve and help others with a joyful heart. At the end, the whole group of children sang at the front for the rest of the church that was also present during this service.

Then we all formed a procession of joy and went around the building with the orchestra and the children in the lead. At the end, the children’s playground was officially opened.

On this day everyone was able to have a meal on site and stay for the whole Sunday afternoon. Several team games were organized for the children and their parents. The competitions were accompanied by cheering from the other members of the church. The rest of the day the children played outside and the adults enjoyed conversation with coffee and cake.

Everyone is ready for the start of a new school year!