Evening with edifying songs

On the second Saturday in September, we gathered at our church to sing songs together and build ourselves up based on our most holy faith. Many friends expressed great gratitude for Brother Johan Oscar Smith, who is the author of many edifying songs in our songbook and the founder of Brunstad Christian Church in Norway, which we identify with as ZSCh. “Ways of the Lord” is a collection of songs based on people’s experiences with God, not just on the artistry of the author. As a result, we discover deep meaning in our songs. 

Fragment of a song no. 361:

„Jesus has become my Head;
Without Him I could naught attain.
By Him I am rightly led,
And He has set my heart aflame.
By life’s Spirit and His laws
I hasten, His commandments to keep,
For the Word of Jesus’ cross
Won’t let me in the darkness sleep.”

Fragment of a song no. 197:

„Just today, O help me, Lord, to live,
Trusting in Thy perfect love and wisdom;
For each day, sufficient is Thy grace;
Every moment’s planned for my salvation.
Just today! Just today!
Not one thought about tomorrow,
Trusting in Thy guidance and Thy grace—
Blessed freedom from all care and sorrow.”

We spent the evening in the pleasant atmosphere of the warm end of summer. We look forward to future meetings with an emphasis on singing and music.