An evening for moms

On the 26th of May the church organized a meeting on the occasion of Mother’s Day. For the first time in the brand new congregation hall in Ustroń.

There was an encouragement to trust God in the gray everyday life, to keep the right priorities – above all faithfulness to Jesus, and everything else will be added to us – as the Bible says. It was emphasized that the feeling of helplessness absolutely does not exclude anyone, in such a situation one can pray and get peace in God. It is in this state that the power of prayer is most quickly felt.

The choir sang song 111, and a motivational video was shown on how to cope with anxiety. Many of the participants gave their personal testimonies for mutual edification.

„In my heart there’s jubilation—
Jesus gives me revelation;
Now with all my heart I joyfully can say:
I have found the way to heaven,
And God’s kingdom grows like leaven;
It increases in me gloriously each day.

:/: Lord, we praise Thee! :/:
By Thy wisdom Thou didst call us to this wondrous life divine.
:/: We would please Thee. :/:
Praise and honor shall forevermore be Thine!”

The evening ended with fellowship over conversation with a snack and something sweet for dessert.