Feast with guests, Jun 17th

On Saturday, June 17, 2023, we had a very edifying festival for the whole church together with a group of guests from England and the Netherlands.

We saw a video where sisters and brothers expressed great gratitude for the brotherhood and the actions carried out in the church, which unite and involve younger and older people, as well as churches of different nationalities.

During the panel discussion we heard from brothers David Nooitgedagt and Vern Nicolette what is the driving power behind the actions and what is gratitude. The driving power is a reciprocated love for Jesus, who had mercy on us and lifted us from mud and poverty to such a wonderful life. Now it is our turn to show gratitude to Him for all that we have received in the church.

Gratitude is not feelings, but an attitude of the heart, the attitude we have in life, our attitude towards others. What we do for others, we also do for Jesus. We didn’t deserve anything, and we receive so much. Now we must give ourselves to God with all our hearts, 100%. Gratitude makes sure that no spirits of doubt have a place in us.

Later in the ceremony, many brothers and sisters expressed their gratitude through songs and testimonies. After a delicious snack, the fellowship continued in the chillzone. Brothers recalled various moments from their own lives where they experienced God’s love and His guidance.