Sunday service, Jun 18th

Song 41 “Look at the life you have…”

Song 38 “The day will soon be over…”

Song 362 “How wonderful among the brothers to be here…”

Br. Richard Savage began with the appeal that it is only fair to be thankful! God has chosen us from among millions. Today there is a hunger for the Word of God – the living Word that strengthens and unites with Jesus, who fulfilled the mission here on earth: to destroy sin in his flesh and obey the Father.
We are not only to receive God’s Word, but to be doers of it, then we are like a beautiful garden.

Job 39;19-22,25

God’s nature is to give. Luke 6:38 so we too can give back by giving of our time, strength, money, self, then we receive grace and light in circumstances and help to overcome.

Ephesians 1; 7-8 The more we see what a pit we have been pulled out of, the more grateful we are to be! We don’t even have a clue how long was our debt letter that Jesus nailed to the cross!

We are part of the body of Christ, walking the same path into battle as Jesus, destroying sin in the flesh.

As we go beyond our comfort zone and reach our limits, we feel the need to cry out more to God for revelation, for a spirit of zeal to maintain gratitude, bear good fruit, carry burdens and be a blessing to others.