Christmas meeting

Once again we received the grace to gather in a festive atmosphere around the Word of God. Christmas Eve for married couples and those over the age of youth is a special event of the year, and we were powerfully strengthened this time as well.

To begin, Brother Piotr Pilch read from Luke 12:49: “Fire I came to cast on the earth, and how I longed that it should already be burning.” The fire with which Jesus came is meant to burn in us everything that comes from the flesh, all reasons for quarrels, jealousy, discontent. Nowadays we hear all around that we deserve something, that we deserve this and that – then the demands on others grow and our love grows cold. We demand that others offer more and that we make things easier and more comfortable for ourselves. But Jesus brought with him to earth a fire to digest all antipathies and sympathies, dissatisfaction with one another.

Jesus was born on earth just like us, but God did His work in Him, resulting in His resurrection. He died for us and God raised him from the dead. Now it’s our turn to let the fire burn everything in us to have fellowship with the godly.

Brother Ruben Nooitgedagt also read from 2 Tim 2:3: “Suffer with me as a good soldier of Christ Jesus.” We are called to be soldiers, and we are to let the fire consume everything that wants to rise from our flesh. Blessed is he who loves the Spirit of truth. What happens around me doesn’t matter much, be a disciple of Jesus and do what you have to do – put your sin to death.

Brother Marek Kędzior read about always carrying the death of Christ on your body. We must be vigilant and not allow self-pity. We can go into action, work on ourselves in every way to get rid of sin – this is what our daily situations are for.

Brother Dawid talked about how the gospel is good news. Jesus came to earth and showed how we should live. God has everyone in His hands and does everything as best for us.

It was also pleasant to listen to spoken carols and atmospheric instrumental pieces. There was also beautifully served food for the body – all of which added to the festive tone of the whole event.

Many thanks for hosting another fantastic event!