Baptism by water

On Sunday, November 26, 2023, a water baptism was held at our church in Ustron. This particularly solemn service was started by Brother Piotr Pilch and mentioned that at the time of the Flood the highest hills were covered with water 15 cubits above the tops of the mountains. Baptism – is making a covenant with God – saying goodbye to the old life and following Jesus. In Paul’s letter to the Romans we read: “… Shall we remain in sin, that grace may abound? Never! How shall we, who have died to sin, yet live in it? …” Rom. 6;1-4

It is a great grace that we can be baptized into the death of Jesus so that we live a new life. God is pleased with the sacrifices we bring before we sin. When I’m treated badly by others, or I’m about to do something wrong – that’s when it’s time to bring God a pleasing sacrifice. Jesus entered the temple with his own blood, while the priests brought someone else’s blood. Therefore, this couldn’t help them or other people to stop sinning.

Let us thank God that we can become participants in the Kingdom of God. You who are entering baptism have great opportunities before you! Remain faithful in this covenant for the rest of your lives,” with these words Br. Piotr.

After entering the water, Brother Rajmund Kubica prayed and then baptized 14 people who became members of the Active Christians Church.

In the second part of the service, Br. Dawid Pilch encouraged everyone to support – especially those who received baptism today – in their lives and daily battles. Today we are witnessing a great event in our church, which is a huge blow to Satan. Now we will have a remembrance of the Lord’s Supper, but every day, in different circumstances, we break our will. This builds us all up and builds the church.

At the end of the service, we heard testimonies from people enthused about such a life, especially those who were baptized.