Christmas Eve for children

Christmas celebration for children is a special day of the year.

The entire congregation had already gathered before noon to hear the performances of the children, who had been diligently preparing for it all December.

The congregation was welcomed by presenters Renata and Lukasz. They began with the children’s choir, which performed the beautiful carol “Song of the Angels.”

The two oldest children, Pola and Eliasz, were welcomed into the youth group by leaders Marek and Pawel.

In the performance, Sara, Benita and Aksel introduced us to the events surrounding the birth of Jesus, but they did it in an unusual way – with time and space travel between Bethlehem and our congregation.

Many children poignantly told rhymes about the memorable events of more than 2,000 years ago, as well as their practical message for us today. In addition, we heard several songs, carols in Polish and English, and musical pieces performed on various instruments. In total, we heard more than 40 young performers.

There was also an entertaining Elf story in the form of a video from the youngsters for the children, and at the end all the children were given the awaited traditional Christmas gifts.

In this pleasant and joyful atmosphere, we spent another long afternoon with the children.


Song of the Angels

Glory to God!
Praise and honor to Him!
Glory to Thee, something in the highest is.
Peace to the earth,
Peace to the people everywhere.
Let this peace embrace this earth.

This light carries the news to us,
Fear not, from God it is.
Today in Bethlehem the Messiah came into the world.
Let us praise His name together.

Go and seek the King therefore,
He in poverty was born.
In the stable the child is, Joyful is the news.
This is a sign, today rejoice.