Sunday service, Nov 19th

The Sunday service began with Hymn 342, which speaks of preparing the Bride to meet the Bridegroom. “So pray watch that you do not fall into slumber – night falls, have your lamp ready. The end of times is coming, it is dangerous.” Brother Piotr referred to the song by saying that we are in such a position as a poor girl who is unexpectedly asked by a rich priest to marry her. Without merit, a good background, we have the opportunity to marry into the royal family that will rule the whole earth.

Now the Bride cleanses herself from all contamination and sin, just as the Father is pure. The Pharisees were not interested in purifying the inside but in the outside, in what can be seen. To purify ourselves means to deny, to mortify what is earthly in our members. This is not easy, but we have a High Priest who sympathizes with us in our weaknesses, tried in everything except sin. May we, in the hour of trial, appreciate the opportunities God provides and step into His footsteps.

Brother Witold referred to the verse in Hebrews 4;15 about the High Priest who sympathizes with us and understands us. Do we have that good spirit and attitude of heart that Timothy had? We know that Timothy followed Jesus’ way of life, he chose this most difficult path to please the Father. The Corinthians, who also did a lot of good, asked “did we not do so too, were we worse?” May we understand the way of the Bride based on what we saw in Timothy.

So what should we do to be the true Bride? – To obey the spirit in every circumstance and, in love for our Lord, to share in His sufferings, knowing that the sufferings will be followed by glory and participation in His Divine nature.