Meeting for children, Jun 25th

On the last Sunday in June, children and parents celebrated the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation.

The theme of the service was “Called and Chosen to a Wonderful Life.” Jesus has chosen us and called us to a life of purity, to become his sons, daughters, brothers and sisters, to live like him here on earth. The Lord Jesus exhorts us to strengthen our vocation and election, for in so doing we will never stumble, that is, we will never sin.

In the Bible we read that many are called but few are chosen. Why is this so? Let’s think of the example of a carpenter who has many (called, bought) boards to work with in his workshop. We are at first just like this board rough, unkind, spiteful, but the Carpenter (the Lord Jesus) machines us and machines us. He constantly finds something to improve. He reminds us in a quiet voice: don’t be angry, don’t be offended, help your brother…so that we fit into his work.

As we let ourselves be worked by the carpenter (the Lord Jesus), the virtues of Christ such as kindness, patience, gentleness and others will flow out of us.

The admonition for the vacations is that we should be steadfast in choosing goodness, that we should exercise ourselves in choosing to apologize, not to offend. Then we are happy and strengthened in our vocation. This is the treasure we have, that WE have been called and chosen for a wonderful life,” and this is the life we want to live!

In the afternoon we had lunch and had a nice time with friends playing games together