Sunday service, Jan 15th

The assembly began with songs by Brother Aslaksen:

Ways of the Lord No. 41: “Look at the life you have, how short it lasts.”
and WL No. 300: “In hearts and minds His laws the Lord writes to us today, these are the laws of life and the Spirit. They send us freedom from sin.”

Then Paul P. and Jonathan S. presented a new international Bible project entitled “These Words of Mine,” on the Sermon on the Mount.

Brother Peter P. read from Matt. 5;1. “Then Jesus, seeing the crowds, ascended the mountain. And when He sat down, His disciples came to Him.”
Jesus was faithful to the Father, He spoke of the path on which He Himself walked. Of it He taught. He himself was poor in spirit, meek. These virtues are not in human nature, but He showed the way to them. The divine nature will not come upon me automatically, but I must deny myself to not fall into sin. Use grace to help.
He also read from Luke 14;26-28. where Jesus said – “Whoever does not bear his cross and follow me cannot be my disciple.”

Jurek P. joined this word, to have a keen sense of Jesus’ words, to follow him, carrying his cross. The Kingdom of God is for me when I am poor in spirit.

John K. exhorted us to strive hard to enter the Kingdom of God. To undertake work on oneself, to listen to the preaching, to cry out to God every day and to bring the gospel to fruition in one’s own life.

The following brothers and sisters in their testimonies expressed gratitude for Jesus’ words in the Sermon on the Mount and declared their sincere desire to live according to the Sermon.