Sunday service, Feb 26th

Ruben Nooitgedagt
We desire a life of paradise, not in sin, feuds, where everything is drowning in hopelessness. We want people to speak well of us and… that the daily cross doesn’t bother us too much. Am I a friend or foe of the cross?
Phil 3:17-20: “Be imitators of me, brothers, and look to those who follow the pattern you have in us. For many of those, of whom I have often spoken to you, and now also weepingly tell you, act as enemies of the cross of Christ; Their end is perdition, their god is their belly, and their glory is that which is their shame, for they think of earthly things. But our homeland is in heaven, from whence also we await the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,”
If someone asks me in the morning after waking up, or at school between classes, or in the middle of work: Where is your sense? Does the answer immediately fall that in heaven?
We sing in song: God will not give you treasures because toward the earth your sense turned.

Jerzy Polok
The Word of God that we read and listen to concerns me specifically! Do I have this awareness? Less visible sins like jealousy, seeking honor for oneself are easily hidden somewhere, spared. Take the example of the army of Israel, which was not enough for a visible victory on the battlefield, but also continued to pursue enemies hidden in burrows.

Jan Kędzior
The light shines brightly through preaching, but that’s not why I receive it, to shine it after my brother or sister, but to enlighten myself and check for something in the darkness. Let us open our sense to receive the saving light.

Tadeusz Czyz
Phil 3:17: “Be imitators of me, brothers, and look to those who follow the pattern you have in us.” Satan tries to approach with doubts so that we would weaken and doubt – but we don’t give up and pursue the example of the Apostle Paul and the brothers.