Sunday service, Feb 12th

Br. Peter Pilch encouraged all of us to know the time of his visitation and not to underestimate the time of grace or what is happening in the church. Ezek. 47:1-3; 6-9 This stream flows out of the temple and brings with it healing and life. This is how the gospel that is preached by the brothers works – it brings healing, power and life. Along this stream grow trees that bear fruit twelve times a year, and its waters are teeming with fish, and it is our task to make sure that the virtues of Christ and the fruits of the Spirit also overflow in our lives.

Br. Janek Kędzior admonished us to keep the fire of first love burning in us, to be boiling for Christ, to serve God zealously, to listen to the voice of the Spirit, to love one another, to show help, kindness and warmth to others. Then we will bear good fruit.

Br. Leszek Czyz spoke about the fact that trials and experiences come, and it may seem to be the same thing over and over again – but in each trial we can gain more virtues, more power, more of the life of Christ. Let’s lay our selfishness, discontent on the altar and keep this fire burning in secret.

Through the testimonies of many brothers and sisters and songs, we have been edified and encouraged to be more zealous to bear good fruit and follow our Master.