Christmas meeting for youth

“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” Mat 5:8. This was the theme of the celebration held on December 16. All the youth looked forward to this evening filled with edification for the spirit, good atmosphere and delicious food for a long time.

The event began with a dinner, after which we received a boost of motivation and inspiration for the daily battle. The brothers emphasized how wonderful it is that we can keep a pure heart and see God. For this, however, a battle is needed so that this world does not distract me from what is important.

The example of David was mentioned, who was the youngest of Isaiah’s sons and nothing really distinguished him bodily. It seems that his entourage, after he was anointed king, forgot about the event rather quickly. But after some time, when the army of Israel needed someone to defeat Goliath, young David just showed up. We are well aware of this spectacular story of defeating the giant. However, among the people of Israel there may have been voices like, “Well, with a stone, so at a distance, anyone could defeat him.” – and it seems that this matter also fell silent. After some time, when Saul began to be haunted by evil spirits, it turned out that there was someone who played the harp beautifully and was the only one who could help the king. Who was it? Just David. But both this and subsequent such situations passed before David became king. We can learn from this that it is through a pure heart that we can be used by God, even though we will not receive glory from our surroundings for it.

The youngest members of the youth – the class of 2010 – also participated in the Christmas Eve party – actually, it was a bit to their credit, as the transition to the youth only took place two days later 😊.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the organization of this wonderful event!