Blessing of children, Sep 10th

At Sunday’s service, a ceremony was held to bless the young children. Brother Tore Gangsø prayed one by one for each of the eleven children brought by their parents. This is an important day for both families with young children and the congregation. The whole congregation has and will continue to carry all our children in our prayers, and prayer has great power.
Then Brother A. Olstad expressed great gratitude for this gospel, for the opportunity we have through the cross. 1 John 1:8 We have a body in which nothing good lives. When parents work on themselves, mortify sin, the children notice changes. This is evangelism at home.

From Ways of the Lord:

We welcome you, child, as guest here,
A wonderful gift of God’s grace.
We welcome you, child, to His service,
To run with joy in the race—
To bless and strengthen your mother,
Both comfort and help to give;
To gladden and honor your father,
And only for Jesus to live.

May God bless your pilgrim days here
And guide you in all of your ways.
O may you bear fruit in abundance,
With thankfulness and with praise.
The fear of God shall preserve you;
Christ’s Spirit shall be your pow’r,
Transforming you into His image
And leading you hour by hour