Bible Kids Explorers

The story of Josiah is not one of the most famous, but it has an amazing message. This time we moved back in time with the new characters, Tommy and Ava, to a time when things weren’t going too well in Israel, because there were rulers who weren’t interested in doing God’s will. The scrolls with the Ten Commandments were well hidden so that people would surely not find them, so the city was filled with idols and idolatry.

However, Josiah, a boy with an honest heart and a lover of the truth, was found. When he was 8 years old, the need came for him to take the throne and turn out to be the man who changed the reality of Israel. In the beginning, supported by Shafan, he learned God’s will and made good choices.

For the children, this was a special story, as they were able to empathize with the young king’s situation, especially since they could also feel for themselves what it was like – to decide as a king on difficult issues – and also sit on a specially prepared throne and play in the village of that time.

Also, Tommy’s situation and dilemmas were familiar to most. What this hero and all Explorers children learned will remain in their hearts forever. Making difficult but right choices is often a big challenge for many.

After a joint program with crown decorating, it was time for a fest with games. Food was served to us by Josiah’s waiters to the beat of the music, and then there were competitions and lots of movement and laughter.