Sunday service, Jan 23rd

Song 290, verse 4. from The Ways of the Lord
“Precious Jesus, teach me how to walk in prayer;
Every law Thou givest, help me keep with care.
:/: Make me truly earnest; Lord, renew my mind!
That by death to self-life I new life might find. :/:”

Brother Piotr Pilch began with a message for all, without exception: we do not have to remain in darkness, that is, in our own sins, in our own demands, in evil lusts! God’s intention is for His Light to shine brighter and brighter in us.
2 Corinthians 4:6: “For God, who said: Let light shine out of darkness, he has lightened our hearts, that the knowledge of the glory of God, which is on the face of Christ, may shine forth.”

Brother Jerzy Polok drew attention to the description of God’s expression that occurs repeatedly in the Bible – “then God said,” “God said to them.” We should have great respect for what God also says to us today. When we listen to him and follow his commands our hearts are lit up in trials and a pleasant fragrance spreads from us.