Sunday service – Jan 16th

Brother Jerzy Polok began by admitting that there is darkness all around us, that the world is not improving, but that we, regardless of this, are longing for salvation, to become like Him, to complete His work in us.

1 Peter 1:5-7: “You who by the power of God are being kept by faith for salvation, prepared to be revealed in the end time. Rejoice in this, even though now for a little while, when necessary, you may be grieved by trials of various kinds, so that your tried faith may prove more precious than gold tried in the fire for glory and honor and praise when Jesus Christ is revealed.”

Brother Witold Czyż quoted the story of the wandering of the people of Israel in the desert to emphasize that God wants us to live in faith. He sees needs, sends experiences but also sends help. Israel had to rely on faith alone as they walked through the desert; they could not make provisions of manna or quail – they had to believe in God’s guidance. Similarly, we need to feel dependent on God every day. Then we do not settle on our laurels, but we can daily see our successive shortcomings and strive in faith for perfection.