Sunday service, Apr 16th

Ways of the Lord, no. 270:
” Yes it is a miracle, a mighty miracle….
… Yes here in the church, in the church hear
The voice of the Spirit you can clear this”
The service began with Witek Czyz reading from Isaiah 50:4.
The Almighty Lord has given me the tongue of learned men, that I may know how to answer the wearied with a kind word, every morning He awakens my ear to listen, as those who learn.”
He also quoted the words of Rev. Paul to Corinth. “You have many teachers, but few fathers.”
He said how valuable it is to receive the sense of a disciple who listens to his Master and wants to be like Him. Being humble, he receives the language of discipleship, with which he can console, respond with a kind word always, makes no excuses, helps others.
The teacher is always a step above, looks down, knows what to answer, how to instruct and that is enough for him. His words lack warmth and willingness to help.
Jurek Polok added to the words quoted from Kor. emphasizing how important it is to have a the sense of a father, not a teacher. If we want to help the next generation, unlimited kindness is needed. We have it when we work on ourselves, following the Spirit’s guidance. He also reads from 2 Corinthians 3:5-6 “Not as though we were capable of thinking anything of ourselves and of ourselves alone, but our ability is of God.” The 6th verse ends with the words -the letter kills, but the spirit brings life.

Brother Peter Pilch expressed gratitude for the Fathers he met on his path. Jesus received the language of discipleship and responded with a kind word. He came to free us from all lusts. ” Still bless my brother…”. no matter how others behave. Let’s have a longing to be like Jesus, then I have joy already during the trials.
Brothers joined in, expressing their gratitude for the abundance of God’s word in recent times, and their desire to remain in the disposition of discipleship.
The last verse of song 341, sung at the conclusion, reads. “So forward my brother, His help God gives. Lay down your flesh, that the Spirit may destroy That which opposes.