Sunday service, Nov 5th

Brother Piotr Pilch began with the words of ap. Paul to Phil.3.7-11, who “regarded everything as a detriment to the momentousness of knowing Jesus Christ.”

Jesus paved the way, he himself lived that way. Paul saw that it was not a matter of climbing upward, but of humbling oneself. We too can become participants in the sufferings of Christ, be enthralled in following Jesus. Not to fight for people’s recognition but to stand strong in this fight, to always have a weapon in our hand.

In Psalm 137;5-9 there is an exhortation to us to destroy the infants of sin, because left small sin grows and can contaminate many.

Brother Jerzy Polok joined in with the word from Phil.3;7-11, emphasizing how ap. Paul was delighted with the life of Jesus and wanted to know it – v. 10.

He also read from Heb.12;22-27 When injustice befalls us, something is awakened in us. We say nothing, but wait for an opportunity to repay. However, we can abandon the blood of Abel and go to the blood of Christ, which did not demand vengeance – v. 24. Jesus destroyed expectations, grievances. Let us rekindle the desire to know His life and become like Him