Senior meeting

On November 6, 2021, we had a gathering of seniors from our church.

After a warm welcome, we were invited to the tables where lunch was served. After a tasty meal, we moved to the second part where the meeting was held.

Everyone was encouraged by the Word of God through the preaching of our brothers, and also through songs sung together and in duets. Brothers Jerzy Polok, Piotr Pilch, Leszek Czyż, and Janek Kędzior reinforced the belief that each of us has an important personal task, and the oldest age group is absolutely not useless in the church.

Our lives can be an example and a help for young people and grandchildren. By being transformed and receiving the light, we create a heavenly atmosphere around us. We prove that the salvation that Jesus brought can be our share. We can also offer prayers and support to the younger ones.

We heard many wonderful examples, encouragement to be thankful and to keep moving forward. In the meantime, the youth set up coffee tables and there we spent the rest of the evening in a cordial atmosphere with cake and conversation. We were all grateful for this uplifting evening and will look forward to another such gathering.