Night with music, Aug 30th

We spent the evening with songs and the word of God together with our guests – Brother Tore Gangsøy and Helge Fuglset.
Brother Tore Gangsøy introduced us to the momentousness of our vocation. The question arises whether we are in the midst of the church like those who went before us, walked their path and left us songs of praise from the battlefield. This is the road on which we weld ourselves into one Body with others. We weld ourselves into a strong block. In the letter to the Ephesians we read that Jesus tore down the partition of the wall of enmity standing in the midst so that unity could be formed, abolished the law of regulations and laws to form one man. So, we have access to the Father in one spirit, and that is fellowship in the church. In this fellowship there is compassion and love. Yes, we can build unity and fellowship on this one way down, in humility.
That evening there were many instrumentalists and vocalists, we heard a band and choir, also performed by children, and we sang a lot together.