Night with music, Aug 20th

The evening of songs was the culmination of a music workshop led by Dag Helge Bernhardsen and Erik Johnsen for those interested in working with songs and music in the church.

The meeting was opened by the children with a show song: “Whenever I pray, you listen to me.” We then listened to more performers alternate with testimonies of how songs help in daily life.

Krystyna L. received a lot of help from song 378 from WL with her cancer diagnosis and believes in the power of prayer.

Aksel N. is grateful for songs that give power in life’s circumstances, such as 141 in the WL, which he also sang with several brothers.

Dag Helge pointed out that our songs, full of content, life and the spirit of victory, were often written by very young people.

The choir sang song 404 from the WL, one of many precious songs for Anna P., especially at the beginning of the church’s history in Poland. The brothers rarely came, and these songs “carried” through the various circumstances of daily life.

Lidia P. encouraged singing and listening to the songs. Over and over again and again. They become a great help in various situations. Ula P. sang song No. 242 from the WL, Dag Helge No. 196, and at the end we could listen to the song performed by the Band and song 415 from the WL performed by the choir.