Mother’s day at the church, May 28th

This year’s Mother’s Day celebration was an all-day event, and it had already begun with breakfast together. During the day each of us could choose some interesting way to spend time with other sisters, and in the afternoon we continued to fellowship in the church.

In the evening we held a festive service, where the theme was a quote from Ester Smith’s book “Great is actually being faithful in what is small.”

The invited brothers expressed their gratitude for the service of mothers and exhorted us to live consciously in God so that we acquire Christlike virtues in everyday circumstances, often at home. We should become independent of our feelings and sincerely rejoice in our experiences, because through faithfulness in these smallest trials we gain the fruits of the spirit, and then in our home the children can feel peace and a heavenly atmosphere. After the brothers’ speeches, Natalia Bujok invited several sisters to talk, and asked them how they have it in their lives. They expressed their gratitude for examples like Ester Smith, and noted how important it is to have a constant connection with God in order not to fall even in the smallest trial. As they shared their experiences many sisters gave their testimonies. We were able to continue the fellowship over coffee and cake.

Each mother received a book about Esther Smith as a gift, which will surely be a help in the daily battle. It was a wonderful day!

Krystyna M.