Opening ceremony, April 2nd

On April 2, the grand opening of the new building in Ustroń took place. Many brothers and sisters from outside of our local church were invited to attend.

Brother Kåre S. cut the ribbon, symbolically opening the new church building.

The chairman of the board of HMC David N. spoke first. He presented the activities and goals of the HMC foundation and the other Dutch foundation WEW, which financed the building. The building is a gift from the foundation and the church of ZSCh can now gratefully steward the building well by actively using it to build Christian community in accordance with the charter goals of the foundation and the church. We saw a video of the construction period from the empty lot to the finished facility. We also saw a film about the history of our church, and listened to the song, “Today in Hope, Our God,” sung by the youth.

Brother Kåre S. began the meeting by saying that God-fearers have power when they pray, and that is why we should pray for our country, friends, and families. In Jacob 1:5, we read to pray for wisdom and not to doubt that it will be given to us. He emphasized to have love for the truth, we must be truthful because hypocrisy does not please God or even people. The way of the sincere is to stay away from evil. We must be delighted in our hearts with this royal way, for we will take nothing else with us.

Brother Christoph M. read from John 1:3-5. If we are to bear the light, we must be in love, and walking in the light of the blood of Jesus Christ must be active in truth, then we acquire the treasures of fellowship.

Brother Tore G. expressed great gratitude for the Gospel that unites all of us gathered here. To exercise godliness – this must be our constant inner need.

Several brothers sang hymn 362, “How wonderful it is to be here among the brothers …,” after which Peter P. expressed his gratitude for Kåre S. and the other brothers. He spoke about humbling oneself and not being haughty. It is not enough just to admire the brothers who have followed the way of Jesus. When the time of trial comes, I am to humble myself in meekness, and in this way I inherit the blessing of Abraham.

Br Andreas O. preached for us to believe wholeheartedly in what we hear here. Hebrews 10:37-38 Our whole nature is but a lie, but we can come out of this lie, provided the spirit works in my heart. God’s work is done when we encounter our will! May God strengthen us when we are tempted.

We heard many testimonies of gratitude from the elders and the youth for the fathers of faith who were faithful and lived in the power and obedience of faith. The fruit of their labor is that we are here today.

Thank you sincerely for such an edifying day!

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