Evening of carols

On the 19th of December, in the evening, a Christmas carol singing event was organized for married couples and singles over 30 years of age. The celebration took place in a Christmas scenery and atmosphere. There were many Christmas songs performed by soloists and choir.

“…Sunrise from heaven for this soul,
Who feels a calling to have
A department in the wonderful time of Christmas,
A source of light
God’s gift to us is eternal peace.
Praise be to Him that the light in us
Is the power to chase away all fear.
Unbelief and the shadows of death ruled the earth,
Their power is now at an end…”

Brother Jurek referred to the light that came to earth at the birth of the Son of God. Jesus surrounded Himself with this light throughout His life and it shows us the way. Some people do not love the light because their deeds are bad. However, we should look for this light for ourselves.

God’s Son as a gift to people
“…Great is the grace that works for them.
God’s child is given to us
And the Messiah himself came down to earth.
God’s son came down here down there from heaven,
And a star heralded to us.
His life a light in the darkness,
God’s humanity has already seen the power.
He has been walking since childhood, a man of grace and truth,
He faithfully followed God’s way.
He respected God’s laws so much that he turned all sin into dust,
He died so that you would not have to perish, but that you could live with Him forever…”