Christmas Eve for kids

On the 12th of December we held a Christmas celebration for the children.

Children listened carefully to the story about the birth of Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem. Then they recited Christmas poems, sang Christmas carols or played instruments. At the end, traditionally, each child received a gift.

On the same day there was a short ceremony of transition from the children’s group to the youth group. This year it involved only one person. William received his own copy of Scripture from the youth leader.

Families and other adults were also present on the day rejoicing together with the little ones.

“It will be fun to meet Jesus there in heaven,
because He is our best friend.
We can always pray to Him.
He loves all children and protects from evil.
He loves all children – the little ones and the big ones.
He is happy when we have smiling faces.
And when some sadness wants to enter the heart,
He tells us what to do to our ear.”